Exploring the space between method and mystery


b. 1986, HK.


Strategic design

As a Senior Strategic Designer, Alexandra's expertise spans design research, design thinking, concept development, and customer development. She has helped corporate partners across several industries including fashion retail, renewable energy, financial technology, and integrative healthcare to discover, design and develop new product, service, and business opportunities. In addition to Strategic Design, Alexandra has experience in community management, product management, and customer development. See linkedin


Designing is an approach to problem solving that can be applied to creative projects, relationships, and everyday living. I am actively iterating on my own life, to exist and work in a way that is balanced, and integrated.

I am passionate about sustained well-being, and lifestyle design. I apply design-thinking to live a life centered around cultivating mindful awareness, creating consciously, and collaborating with others. I love processes, and spontaneity; I am actively exploring the space between methodical and mysterious.



2013 MS Industrial design

Art Center College of Design

2010: BS Design and Environmental Analysis

Cornell University